Paragon Makes Historic Donation


Paragon Vision Sciences has made a donation to the IAO in acknowledgement of the successful completion of first fellowship of our IAOA China Committee colleagues. The funds will be used to support our first international meeting in Asia next year( March 29-31) at the COOC in Shanghai China. We here at the IAO truly appreciate this and would like to honor our colleagues from China and all of our worldwide community who supported these efforts. The members of the first Chinese fellowship group are to be congratulated for their efforts. They are Xiao Yang, Qi Bei, Wanqing Jin, Fang Fang Lan, Qian Wu, Pie-Ying Xie, Xinjie Mao, Feng Xue and Ying Zhang. They showed great fortitude in overcoming many obstacles to present for fellowship in Chicago.

Truly we never could have gotten here without the efforts of the following folks. Caroline Cauchi our fellowship chair. Tommy Yee, Julia Wen, Oliver Woo, Dennis Leung, Helen Duan, Eddie Chow, Yachin Bao and Eileen Lo who made themselves available for the many tasks that had to be accomplished. These included translation and correcting of case reviews. Helen Duan is also the Executive administrator of IAO China Committee.

It has been my pleasure to work with the folks at Paragon Vision Sciences over the years and I am especially touched by this gesture. Here at IAO we are always looking for new ways to engage our vendor sponsors so that they can positively impact our worldwide efforts at educating and organizing our colleagues around the worId in corneal reshaping and myopia control.I would be remiss if I did not mention that Bausch & Lomb along with C&E GP also supported these efforts by sponsoring dinners for our Chinese Fellowship Candidates.

Ultimately the real winners here are the children of China who suffer through this historic myopia epidemic. With a ninety percent incidence among them we cannot pause for one moment in our efforts to limit the damage this is causing to their maturing visual systems.

Cary M Herzberg O.D. FIAO

President IAO,OAA