A Meeting To Remember!

The Vision By Design (VBD) program and curriculum(s) are coming together nicely. If you're looking for Ortho-K,Large Diameter Lenses, Myopia Control, Topography Analysis,Genetic Testing & Research, Vision Training,Sports Vision, Specialty CL Fitting, Revolutionary OD Referral Network and Promoting What You have built were covering it all at VBD "Achieving Practice Independence". During the three and one half day event there will be plenty of opportunity to share and network with your colleagues over fun receptions and great meals! Come share time with our fantastic exhibitor supporters who will be featured in our exciting Exhibit Hall for a good portion of the event.

The weekend starts on Thursday with our legendary "Bootcamp"brought to us by Caroline Cauchi and designed for a novice or inexperienced Ortho-K fitter to qain a solid foundation in the principles of corneal reshaping. Also Thursday afternoon is our innovative Scleral Bootcamp and Wet Lab directed again by Peter Wilcox with all the latest equipment and techniques for fitting large diameter lenses. Both labs will feature subjects wearing lenses to allow a much more effective experience for attendees wishing to learn how to fit these lenses. For those pursuing their fellowship this weekend an opportunity will be available to complete your requirements.

The evening will include a reception and our first sessions of Practice Independence which will cover the Optometric Specialties in an easy to understand fashion from successful practitioners who will be providing valuable tips and pearls. We will have presenters from inside and outside of corporate Optometry. We will have presenters who take VCPs and those that will show you how they exited the "Grid". These sessions will serve as a primer on how you and your practice cannot only survive but thrive in a managed care environment.

On the first evening of Practice Independence Cary Herzberg will kick off the festivities. He will paint the background of how we got here and the challenges facing us with a broad brush as well as what to expect going forward. Later learn about the natural synergies of our Optometric specialties from Scott Sedlacek and why they fit so well into our primary care medically oriented practices. Cathy Stern will tell you about her Vision Training specialty practice and for those interested how to exit the grid. Well cover during this session myopia control in a specialty practice setting and why this exciting specialty has such a promising future in helping control the epidemic of myopia occurring in a good portion of our patient population.We will have our first session of how to bring specialty dispensing that will complement your specialty practice into your dispensary. The first day will be capped off by David Grosswald as he explains how to bring a specialty contact lens practice front and center in your practice as well as a segment by Julio Arroyo on alternatives to practice as usual that will both help your patients and deliver much needed revenues and a fresh appeal to it.

Myopia control from the leading presenters at the Myopia Conferences in California starts off the main general sessions on Friday morning. These will be fact filled with all new information and ideas on how we now view myopia control today and how to practice it effectively once you return to your own practice. Well have our Ophthalmological colleagues explaining not only how and why they offer Ok but also why in particular some members of their community are still opposed to the procedure. We will have an OMD show you one of the largest corneal reshaping practices in the world which resides within a very successful refractive surgery center. Learn how the exciting field of genetic testing fits into a myopia control practice from Scott Sedlacek. We will be bringing back the popular IQ interactive sessions presented by Randy Kojima and Pat Caroline. This session one will cover Large Diameter lenses and is followed by a memorable program you won't soon forget. It's the "Magic & Mystery of OK" by Brian Tompkins. Practice promotion brought to you with out of the box thinking by Justin Bazan closes our session in a great and thought provoking way.

Friday evening after cocktails and tasty food we gather for session two of our Practice Independence sessions.We cover the exciting specialty of Sports Vision by Alex Andrich and later learn Nate Bonilla Warford will show us how VT and Ortho-K produce a natural synergy in specialty care . This evening will also include a course on the basics of specialty contact lens practice along with another segment of specialty dispensing for your dispensary from a different angle. We close our session and the Practice Independence portion of our program with our most exciting segment of all. We discuss how successful colleagues have setup referral networks within the OD community which will lead us to our own nationwide OD referral network for all of the Optometric Specialties. The evening will close with a panel discussion on a OD referral network from successful practitioners as our Practice Independence movement gets a step closer to its implementation nationwide.

During the Saturday sessions you will learn how to read NaFL patterns for best fit, how to design Hyperopic/presbyopic lenses and many more pearls from the leading designers and fitters. The special segment on reading NaFL patterns will allow you to come away with real knowledge on how to get the most from your fits by analysis of these patterns.The lens design portions will be in a straight forward and simple fashion allowing the lens design concepts to be absorbed and applied in your own practices.Later in the morning well have our state of the art Manufacturers seminars presented by leaders in the field. Whether its a new breakthrough in equipment, design software or new treatment protocols you will get the latest on these advancements. You be able to pick two seminars during the morning sessions which will last one hour each.We suggest picking your favorite seminars beforehand as the rooms fill up quickly. In the afternoon well feature advanced troubleshooting, current state of Scleral Ortho-K fitting and myopia control through peripheral defocus. Our day concludes with breakout sessions on advanced software, corneal changes during Ok and free paper presentations.

Though Sunday is only a half day we will have saved some of our best presentations for last! Would you like to know how to design a myopia control lens well show you how its done. Do Topography maps still confuse you? Well have a special interactive IQ segment given by Randy Kojima covering the topic where you as the audience answer and learn how to read and analyze Topography maps for best results with your corneal reshaping patients. Did you ever wonder about the natural synergy existing between Ortho-K and VT? Well Nate Bonilla Warford explains just how it does work and how he merges both of them into a very successful specialty practice.We close out the session and our incredible weekend with a series of panel discussions consisting of a group of panelists who are known for their unique viewpoints with some even considered controversial. Opinions and fresh perspectives will occupy these discussions on current topics and more. This dialogue will be especially pertinent for our new perspectives on specialty care which will be a product of our weekend.
- Cary M. Herzberg O.D., FIAO
President, International Academy of Orthokeratology
President, Orthokeratology Academy of America

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