Seperate Yourselves From The Pack

My Dad taught me that if I wanted to succeed beyond my expectations in life I would need do something that most of my colleagues were not doing.He was an Optometrist also and practiced from the early thirties till a stroke ended his life in 1982. He was beloved by his patients and respected by his colleagues. Being of the depression era he saved religiously and worked diligently at his chosen profession. His practice always sported the lastest "Hi-Tech" toys and he prided himself in doing a thorough examination. He was a master at fitting PMMA lenses but adapted easily to the soft lens era. He was among the first to acquire DPA certification and I am sure if given a chance would have been one of the first to signup for therapeutics if he had lived longer.

It's however his very revealing statement about taking on the difficult fit and taking a chance on the less accepted specialties that has stuck with me all these years. I have personally adopted his philosophy in this respect and through the years have excelled at things most of my colleagues wouldn't even consider. It's led me to a rich and successful life. Rich in the respect that it has grown me both professionally and as a human being. It's made all the difference.

It's a puzzle to me why corneal reshaping has not been more widely embraced by our profession. It's a real mystery. This lack maybe due to a lot of factors but what it does represent is an opportunity for those who have not yet gotten onboard to take a piece of my Dads playbook and get on in while it's still early. I am not sure how much longer this unique opportunity will be available . A ground floor invitation to a buy that hot stock that's just ready to take off. A chance to do something different than your colleagues and set yourself apart. Of course there is also an opportunity to truly help humanity from the scourge of myopia. We still haven't mentioned how cool it is to only have to wear lenses at night for your patients. You'll be an instant rock star with your patients and get that feeling again about being a difference maker something that's truly lacking in the soft lens practices that we have today. Take up the challenge it's going to mean a little hard work on your part but the rewards are many. My Dad would be proud.

- Cary Herzberg OD FOAA