Preventative Care & Other Post Meeting Thoughts

Jerry Legerton caught everyone's attention when he drew our attention to a promising future and expanding scope of practice. To accomplish this well need to expand our horizons beyon corneal reshaping. Though Ortho-K will continue to be the gold standard in myopia control other means for controlling nearsightedness will surely appear. We have already seen where specially designed myopia controlling soft lenses can be somewhat effective as well in controlling myopia. We may see in our future pharmaceuticals,surgery,vision therapy or even genetic engineering appear as viable alternatives. Our academy needs to ensure that all it's members will be able to participate in all facets of preventative in whatever shape they may come . To accomplish this we need to grasp more fully the preventative care model whether it applies to myopia control or hyperopia/presbyopia management . In addition to broadening our outlook we need to adopt new terminology. Jerry suggested refractive error regulation and that's as good acplace as any to start.

In the early days of this countrys expansion much of the early work of expanding frontiers and early settlements were done by traders. This early explorers would trade and develop markets where the frontier was only a distant memory. These early enterprises would create commerce and new developments along the way. Later would come the formal governments that would dispense everything from justice to the mail. Likewise in many parts of the world today companies have sought out markets for their corneal reshaping products. These efforts have been a great benefit to all as it created and fed demand for Ortho-K in places far away. Similiarily these market efforts have created opportunities to bring in the formal education and training that our international academy can provide. This is what we were made for and this is our destiny. Look for a great deal of IAO education in areas of the world that are just embracing corneal reshaping. Look also for the IAO is step into the breach in China in particular where the corneal reshaping model failed but is being reborn with greater safeguards in place and where education on every level is a must.

The care model we all thought we were familiar with is changing. During the exciting interactive Eye-Q segment presented by Pat Caroline and Randy Kojima on Sunday May 01 a question was asked on what disinfection system do you recommend for your corneal reshaping patients. Sixty seven percent replied that they provided or recommended hydrogen peroxide to their contact lens patients . Seventy percent of our corneal reshaping patients are seeking the lens treatment for myopia control and prevention. Did you know that the OAA is seeking dialogue with organizations like COVD as we prepare for the challenges we may face down the road. The academy has designated Nate Bonilla-Warford as our liaison. Nate is active in both organizations making him an ideal choice.

- Cary Herzberg OD FOAA