International Academy Creates The Forum The Corneal Reshaping World Listens

Vision By Design 2011 presented the first international forum on corneal reshaping by the academy. The international faculty represented thirteen countries with over twenty countries represented by the attendees themselves. Topics covered included myopia control lens designs,recent myopia control studies, new myopia control technologies, safety/efficacy of corneal reshaping ,Ortho-K in China,Hyperopic/progressive molding,Keratoconus /Post LASIK molding,corneal rehabilitation, new scleral lens designs, corneal cross linking with corneal reshaping, soft lenses for myopia control, epi versus stromal changes in Ortho-K and myopia as a public health issue.

The buzz from this meeting however has been the most impressive facet of the event. Post meeting euphoria has now invaded four continents. Europe in the process of forming it's own academy which will be a sister section of the new International entity is fresh with deserved applause for it's leader Marino Formenti and all the hard working folks who have contributed to this. Australia and the Oceanic group want very much to have their own section of the IAO and are holding committee meetings to make this so. Asia is putting their board together and the plans are for a corneal reshaping meeting to take place with international presence in March of next year.

The critical part of putting the group together is going nicely. The different sections of Europe, Asia and America are planning educational meetings for the next year. Oceania will be the next section to come on board. If you are not part of our group you are definitely not where the action is. It's been a productive year so far.

- Cary Herzberg OD FOAA