Awesome Meeting In Orlando

If you missed our Orlando meeting you missed everything! It was by far our best event ever. This was truly our first international event with speakers from Europe,Asia,Australia and America. The meeting featured exceptional break out sessions on a plethora of topics with attendees wishing they could have taken in more than the two time allowed. Manufacture seminars saw in many cases standing room only attendance as attendees learned about the latest high technology along with exceptional workshops on Wave and OrthoTools.

The main program featured a who's who list of world famous presenters talking about myopia control,corneal rehabilitation,progressive design,safety & efficacy,Ok in China, social media, current myopia control studies, molding in Keratoconus/post LASIK, new soft lens designs for myopia control and new breakthrough design applications for more effective corneal reshaping. Leading off the meeting was our one day Bootcamp which appealed to practitioners inexperienced in corneal reshaping. The one day introductory course covered topics related to a corneal reshaping practice including good patient selection for success, corneal reshaping lens products,contracts with informed consent,marketing your practice and a video wet lab focusing on problem solving lens fits. The introductory program had a special segment for staff training also.

Workshops were available to attendees after the main lectures on Friday evening. Nick Despotidis presented his power workshop which covered successful marketing techniques. Topics covered were how to grow a CRT/VST practice,staff training for success,integrating corneal reshaping into your practice and getting doctors to refer patients for corneal reshaping. Also available was an OrthoTools workshop which covered advanced lens designs for controlling myopia development. The intent to eliminate any axial elongation of the eyeball.

The theme for the weekend was presented by Jerry Legerton in his Myopia Prevention For The Not Yet Myopic when he described the use of the new theme of refractive error regulation and how tha could be implemented in a preventative care program. The academy is endorsing this as it develops new cooperative efforts with groups like COVD. Nate Bonilla-Warford who is active with both groups will help facilitate this process.

The annual meeting of the academy saw it's membership move to create the International Academy Of Orthokratology (IAO) which will have different sections for Asia,America and Europe. It is hoped that Oceania will decide to join us s well as we pursue the goal of uniting the worldwide community of practitioners. The new academy will hold meetings in Europe(Fall 2011), Asia( March 2012) and America (April 2012).

- Cary Herzberg OD FOAA