It's Puzzling Why More Doctors Are Not Doing Corneal Reshaping

Just finished up morning checkups and exams where I saw a mixture of first time and repeat Ortho-K cases. All had outstanding results and were singing the praises of corneal reshaping . It led me once again to question just why more of my colleagues don't practice this great specialty. They must be hearing the practice management folks tell them to find a niche service that they can specialize in. They also must be hearing the message about getting out from under third party insurance plans. In this economy if they are not doing something different than their experiencing the bad economy in their practice with no end in sight. What's it going to take to get them to change?

I ask all these questions because what we do in corneal reshaping works so well and is something our patient's value. Besides doing Ortho-K is a lot of fun for the practitioner . You would think all of this would make taking up this specialty a no brainer. Obviously it doesn't because most of our colleagues still are not doing it. The good news is plentiful here because that means all of you who have integrated corneal reshaping into your practice have some more time to further solidify your base as the go to practice for corneal reshaping in your area. The other good news is that our meeting in Orlando has attracted a lot of new faces many of them new to corneal reshaping . So you may not be the only Ortho-K practice in your area to much longer.

- Cary Herzberg OD FOAA