Whats Up Doc?

Ever regretted not taking that investment tip or your hunch on a new stock that few have even heard of? You know like Microsoft or Apple on the initial offering. Well if your new to corneal reshaping you should not feel alone. Most of your colleagues are likewise not into it just yet either. Like those great companies Ortho-K can be looked at as a promising investment which has yet to be recognized by many. So becoming totally invested in corneal reshaping is like being in on the initial offering or the ground floor of a promising investment.In fact because your colleagues are not yet involved it gives you a golden opportunity to carve out a niche in your area. You become the Ortho-K experienced practitioner when people in your area start researching the specialty. Like that great call on the stock you will be receiving great dividends from your decision to embrace corneal reshaping. That's in part where you can be even more proactive by joining with your fellow like minded colleagues and belong to the only organized doctor led Corneal reshaping group in the Americas. A group that will soon embrace the entire planet. Membership in the academy will give you all kinds of great products for your growing Ortho-K practice and get you into a great network of committed fitters who will be there to help you to make the learning curve much easier. So if you don't want to miss out on another great opportunity come join us for our stock is about to take off.

- Cary Herzberg OD FOAA