Bootcamp something special

Ever wonder why it's so difficult to get a new procedure like Ortho-K accepted by the community of eye care practitioners? It has to do with something called critical mass. That is if you can involve enough of the practitioners in performing the specialty you will soon arrive at a point where there are so many fitters doing corneal reshaping that the procedure like a tidal wave engulfs the whole community.Of course this does not happen in a vacuum.You need to get the word out and also do some serious training.This fact is not lost on your academy.That's why over the last three years we have been hosting a full day of education devoted to training docs on the basic principles involved in Ortho-K.We call it Bootcamp and this year it will occur on Thursday April 28th in Orlando at Vision By Design 2011. This will be a full day of sessions and over 8 hours of education devoted to the current information a inexperienced doc in corneal reshaping will need to get started or improve his skills. Sessions include the basics of how these lenses work and a tour of who is making what in today's marketplace. Courses offered in topography and practice management are also offered with many useful pearls. These presentations and others presented by the leading figures in the field. So if you need to catch up on some basics in Ortho-K make sure to make your reservations to attend an OAA Bootcamp. That way we can get that critical mass working in our favor.


- Cary Herzberg OD FOAA