Good Morning Orlando

Were right at the cusp of our first international meeting this week in Orlando . This meeting while well attended will not be as large as our Chicago event. That is understandable due to the fact that it has been only six months since our last event. The Orlando event will however have a lot of new faces. More than half of our attendees are attending this event for the first time. We also have quite a few who are just getting started with corneal reshaping . Many of our attendees are from the east coast this year also.

This meeting of the academy will mark many firsts for us as in our first as the new international entity. We also are looking forward to sharing the podium with the representatives from our new sister sections Europe and Asia. So everyone who is lucky enough to be attending this weekend will experience the best we the corneal reshaping community has to offer! I hope to be able to greet everyone of you who can attend personally in Orlando.

- Cary Herzberg OD FOAA