Enthusiastic Patients

For all of you who are doing a lot of corneal reshaping you are already aware of how much our patients enjoy wearing lenses only at night. If your not yet aware of this just try taking their lenses back. I have been involved in several studies where it was necessary at their completion for the subjects to return their lenses. This could sometimes get pretty ugly with the only way forward to promise to refit them outside the study. Young patients growing up and attending college would have their parents suggesting that perhaps they would consider a daily wear alternative. The response to this is usually you have to be kidding I am not wearing daily wear anything. These corneal reshaping patients are the most enthusiastic of all our contact lens wearers. They also listen better and follow instructions when compared to my soft contact lens patients.

Contrast this enthusiasm with our colleagues cool indifferent attitude to corneal reshaping. In fact you wonder if perhaps their may be relationship here that bears exploration. I am a firm believer that in life you are your own captain. You receive what you want most in your life even if it comes from a deep psychological level. Is it then this hidden desire which leads to the state of affairs we have today with a consumer based soft lens industry bent on finding the least expensive most direct path to the consumer even if it means eliminating the doctor from the equation? Is it the desire of our colleagues to continue to fit patients with these products even if they may want something more? Actions speak louder than words and these actions persist even in the face of reduced profits and growing practice dissatisfaction.

Vision By Design 2011 takes place in a matter of weeks yet we will not have a full house. In fact it will have a lower attendance than Chicago. Is this a reflection of the lack of value corneal reshaping has for most of our colleagues? A strange state of affairs indeed where perceptions exist that may only have substance at a sub conscious level empowered by lack of action. Perhaps what we all really need here is a really good shrink.

- Cary Herzberg OD FOAA