Sunday's Best

Back by popular demand is the interactive presentation EYE-Q at Vision By Design 2011 on Sunday morning May 01.  This was our most popular presentation from our last event.  Randy Kojima and Pat Caroline will be presenting corneal reshaping cases they have worked on and through the use of interactive devices have the audience participate in the solution(s) to the fitting problems.  What a wonderful way of teaching corneal reshaping and it's so much fun.  Look forward to seeing even more from Randy and Pat as they have even more case examples to bring this time around.  After this presentation John Mountford will be talking about the future of myopia control designs with Ortho-K.  This should be a real eye opener from one of the leaders in the field of corneal reshaping.  I hope all the attendees can stick around for the Sunday presentations which will be among the best from the whole weekend.

- Cary Herzberg OD FOAA