Hot Topics At VBD 2011

Vision By Design will be offering the latest courses on the hot topics that will be the future of our profession going forward.  Myopia itself is considered by the CDC to be in an epidemic mode with all its negative connotations.  Our Orlando meeting will be offering all the latest info on the studies and what they are telling us.  In addition, we will be offering all the latest techniques on how to manage this condition including corneal reshaping, soft contacts, glasses and vision training.

In our breakout sessions you can learn how to setup your own myopia control practice from leading experts in the field.  In the face of refractive surgery and its significant rate of complications, corneal rehabilitation will be another active area of practice going forward.  We have several lectures and seminars dealing with corneal management of less than desirable surgical outcomes in Orlando.  After attending the meeting, you will have all the up to date information in managing both these conditions and be able to gear your practice to grow as it meets the needs of these patients.


- Cary Herzberg OD FOAA