Appearing at Vision By Design 2011 in April

How many of you have tried Hyperopic and progressive molding?  These new areas of corneal reshaping can allow you to expand your scope of practice.  Patients love the idea of getting rid of their glasses and daily wear contacts and who better than the baby boomer generation to jump on the new technology band wagon!

The exciting part is that corneal reshaping naturally adds depth of field through the pin hole effect generated by the effective treatment zone generated by the lenses - so any of the over forty crowd gets literally years of effective adds at close work compared to their glasses or soft lens wearing coworkers!

Come to VBD 2011 to learn from the experts on these new fields.  We have from Italy Dr. Antonio Calossi on progressive molding on Saturday April 30.  Dr. Calossi is one of the leading Ortho-K lens designers in the world.  Later on Saturday you can pick the brain of Steve Ernst on Hyperopic OK.  Steve has been very active in the field of Hyperopic molding with cutting edge designs for many years now.  Both of these courses will offer new insights into design choices to reach an optimum outcome with your patients.

So make your plans to attend and be prepared to learn the latest on these two fascinating new areas of corneal reshaping for your practice.  Please note that Hyperopic and progressive molding is not FDA approved and will require you to inform your patient of that fact.


- Cary Herzberg OD FOAA