Observations On Patient Satisfaction With Corneal Molding

I thought I would make some observations of some of the coolest things you observe after doing corneal reshaping for awhile.  Have you noticed that these patients are among your most satisfied.?  They love the procedure and they think it's cool.  They also tell everyone who will listen about it.  They are the best source of referral we have and it's all word of mouth.  These patients love the convenience of wearing lenses only at night.  

I have also noticed how my Ortho-K patients refuse to give up their lenses even under parental pressure.  I have patients that start out wearing lenses at an early age due to their myopia control ability.  They wear their lenses from elementary school to college.  However, before going off to school their parents, due their leaving home and not being under their supervision, would like to have them change to another mode of correction.  In my practice the kids give them a look like "are you kidding?", I don't want to wear contacts or glasses during the day.

The older crowd is just as fanatical about corneal reshaping.  Our presbyopic patients notice how this process is reversing the aging clock.  I often have my patients who are doing molding observe that younger colleagues are needing to use readers to see the computer monitor while they though older are doing just fine.  "Myopia what's that?", is a common refrain after corneal reshaping.  Patients that have done the procedure for several years forget literally how bad their eyesight was before they began the procedure.  In fact I often forget to and sometimes I will look back on a patients chart to realize just how effective the molding is.

Those of my patients who are serious about athletics will take no back seat when it comes to embracing the procedure.  Athletes who utilize corneal reshaping remark how much more natural it is to perform their sport without the hindrance of daily wear contact wear or glasses.  This of course is very obvious in swimming where some of my patients (before they came to me) would try wearing their contacts in the pool or even goggles. I have also been told this, however, from players of other sports like soccer and football where dusty dry contacts or sweaty slippery glasses are a distant memory.

With all this positive mojo going on, I wonder if other practitioners who get into corneal reshaping are more motivated and happy in practice as I am? Seems like a natural topic for another discussion.

- Cary Herzberg OD FOAA