We Are Ok Centric

Moments in history are defined as much by people as they are circumstances.  As an example, the Declaration Of Independence from Great Britain was a product of both the times and the leadership who assembled in Philadelphia.  Those very circumstances of great leadership and trying times brought the document we are so familiar with.  It was a defining document, one that has lasted beyond the millennium.  While we may not be in such trying times today, our very lives and the way we practice are still defining a cause. The times - they are a changing.

In Orlando we will cause to come into effect the first ever International Academy of Orthokeratology (IAO). While this may well cause a rip tide of national interests to be expressed around the globe, it is now the moment to clarify much like the declaration did hundreds of years ago.  The new international organization of Ortho-K will not be nation or continent centric.  It will instead be OK Centric.  We are only interested in Ortho-K interests and the establishment of safe environments around the world wherein practitioners can practice it.

We are so focused on this we will commit our time and precious resources to further this goal around the planet.  We are so focused on this we will explore new areas like Preventative Care and Corneal Rehabilitation, so our Ortho-K centered practices will have more room to grow with a greater scope of practice.  So, if petty interests come up that are indeed national or regional they should know ahead of time we are not that. Such dialogging is best left to a 1950's circa movie not to the agenda of a great organization.

- Cary Herzberg OD FOAA