Ortho-K - The Specialty That Keeps On Giving

I just said goodbye to a corneal reshaping patient.  If you've been doing Ortho-K as long as I have, these things happen.  I have been doing corneal reshaping for twenty-five years and on this patient for fifteen years. He is now 23 years old, a college graduate and currently resides in the great state of Massachusetts.  He's been able to acquire a first rate education and a great job -  and I feel somewhat a part of that. When he comes in to visit his parents on holidays, he visits me to get his eyes checked and get a new set of lenses. When he comes in, I see him in many different lights. He is that grown up figure, but also I seem him as that eight year old who needed a booster chair during his exam. Saying goodbye brought tears to my eyes and lots of memories. It was a bitter sweet moment because I will miss him. You see, these patients are my family and Ortho-K is what I do for my family. I protect their eyesight with all the tools provided to me as an Optometrist and Ortho-K is the best I got! - enough said.

- Cary Herzberg OD FOAA