Atropine, an effective method to control myopia progression

Hi docs,

It's interesting that there are multiple studies suggesting Atropine may be the most effective method to control myopia progression available today.  Due to its side effects, Atropine is seldom used in the US.  In fact, I don't know of any colleagues of mine which use Atropine as a method to control myopia.  I think many ODs also feel uncomfortable to prescribe Atropine for off-label use.  

Atropine has long been used for myopia control frequently in countries such as Taiwan, Singapore and China.  Why not consider it as an option for us here in the U.S.?  Yes, Atropine has many side effects. However, there may be situations where a more aggressive approach to stop progressive myopia is needed.  An example is an early onset myopic young child with both parents of high degree of myopia.  To justify an aggressive approach even more - let's consider one of the parents to also have retinal detachments.  If the benefits of incorporating Atropine to myopia control outweighs its side effects, shouldn't we include it as one of our arsenal of treatment against myopia ?

Is there anyone out there who has used Atropine for myopia treatment or know someone who does?  I would like to hear from them.  


-Dennis Leung OD FOAA.