The OAA would like to welcome its twenty five new members who have signed up over the last few months.

The academy has seen an incredible growth rate over the last five years. With the additions just noted we have 250 members. This contrasts with just over 115 member total in 2004 when the OAA added Matt Herzberg as its first administrative assistant. Matt soon after was elevated to the position of Executive Director/Board Member. With this rapid expansion the academy has been presented with many new opportunities and some growing pains. It has become necessary for us to add a full time administrative assistant to our staff. We are welcoming Ms.Tanya Urbanczyk to the OAA family as of October 2010. Tanya will be transitioning into her full time duties over the next few months. For all of you who attended Vision By Design 2010 in Chicago Oak Brook you had a chance to meet Tanya in person. With the addition of an administrative assistant to our staff the OAA will be better able to answer more of the day to day needs of  growing this organization as we move towards 2011 and beyond.

- Cary Herzberg OD FOAA