journey to becoming an fiao

journey to becoming an fiao

FIAO Testing Protocol 

FIAO Testing Protocol 

FIAO Maintenance Requirements

1.       Dues:

  • Must be renewed for current year by 1/31/20XX

  • If delinquent, fellow will receive a phone call to their office

    • If there is a lapse (renewal after 1/31/20xx), the doctor will be removed from the website

    • Fee for reinstatement ($100 + cost of dues)

    • Must pay all back dues

2.      Ortho-K Promoting Activities:  3 of the following in two years

  • Attend section meeting (even if not your own section)  

  • Mentor an FIAO candidate

  • Sit on a final oral FIAO testing committee panel

  • Participate actively in the newbie mentor program

  • Publish an Ortho-K article in a peer reviewed journal

  • Lecture on Ortho-K at a professional meeting (excludes presentation on behalf of a vendor)

  • Lecture on Ortho-K at an educational institution

  • Actively participate in the IAO or section Google group or Ortho-K social media (minimum of 3 educational postings/month)

  • Other:  If you are promoting the IAO or your section in some other manner (that is not simply self-promotion) contact your chair to determine if this qualifies

3.      Compliance

  • Both categories must be met at the end of 2017, 2019, 2021, etc. (i.e. every two years) . 

  • All documentation must be submitted by December 31st of the deadline year to your Section Fellowship Committee Chair

  • Failure to renew membership will result in removal from website

  • Failure to provide maintenance documentation will result in

    • The prominent FIAO designation being removed from the section and IAO website

    • Name removed from FIAO search (not practitioner search)

  • Reinstatement of designation will occur once

    • The required points are achieved

    • The reinstatement fee of $150 is paid

  • Member will still retain FIAO designation for use in private practice

                                                                                                                                                                                Revised 11/2016