The American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control strives to present an open forum allowing our members to learn and interact with other members, and find a safe environment absent of the interests or agendas of any one person, group or company. Our roots go back to the very beginnings of Orthokeratology and as such our board and membership not only represent the pioneers of Ortho-k but also those dedicated to pushing this field to new heights. The AAOMC, through our workshops, courses and fellowship program, allows our members to grow in competence and demonstrate this ability to their peers and the public. Through our innovations, the AAOMC forwards the science of Orthokeratology.

 The AAOMC (formerly the OAA) was founded in 2002 by a group of concerned educators, researchers, and clinicians based in the United States. These lay and professional men and women foresaw the need to have an unbiased organization that was not accountable to any one group or special interest. The academy at its conception was to represent the US community of eye care professionals. However, as the news of the academy quickly spread worldwide the organization grew to encompass members in over twenty countries.

In its mission statement adopted at its incorporation, the academy set forth its goals for itself and the field of Orthokeratology. One part of that mission was to present an open forum allowing our members to learn, interact with other members, and find a safe environment from which this specialty could grow. Today the entire eye care community is reaping the benefits of that open forum advocated by our founders.

 The AAOMC has grown in scope since it was formed at the first Global Orthokeratology Symposium. In the last few years with the launch of the fellowship program and our landmark education symposia - Vision By Design, the academy has completed one part of its mission in educating the eye care community and the public about Orthokeratology. Membership in the AAOMC is open to any licensed professional who has an interest in the specialty of Orthokeratology, this includes: doctors of Optometry and Ophthalmology, Opticians, researchers, educators and students.

Today the AAOMC, joined by its vendor members representing the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries; looks forward to the furthering of its mission as it reaches out to the public and private sectors in ways only an independent and non-biased organization can.

World renowned experts, practitioners, academics, and manufacturers discuss the latest developments, innovations and research in corneal reshaping, myopia control and specialty contact lenses.