This information is made available as a public service to help you find an Orthokeratologist in your area. Only Members and Fellows (FIAO) of the American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopica Control (AAOMC) are listed. The AAOMC serves Orthokeratologists from around the world. 

Please keep in mind that the search tool on this website is meant only as a resource to help patients and practitioners connect. Orthokeratology is a complex procedure with a wide range of skill, familiarity, and fitting aptitude. Because of these factors it is impossible for us to verify the specific credentials of any one practitioner to the needs of any one patient. Finding the right ortho-k practitioner for your needs is ultimately your responsibility as the patient.

Doctors who successfully attain the rank of Fellow (FIAO) in the AAOMC have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in the field of Orthokeratology.  For more information on the Fellow (FIAO) designation Click Here