OAA Blog: The Corrected View

Another Ortho-K Pioneer Is Gone

We have lost another pioneer in the field of Orthokeratology. Nick Stoyan immigrant,inventor,founder of Contex and developer of the OK3 and Contex E lens designs has passed away at the age of 74. Nick who started his career with The Plastic Contact Lens Company owned by Wesley Jessen,as did many of the future leaders in the field,brought innovative concepts to contact lens design and fabrication. Nick was awarded the prestigious Excellence In Orthokeratology Award by the academy and though unable to travel much due to health reasons gave support to our efforts to educate practitioners and the lay public about corneal reshaping. Nick with Newton Wesley and Charles May,who both passed away last year,contributed mightily to the first twenty five years of corneal reshaping so much so that they all could be referred to as the pillars of the field.

My best memories of Nick came during my days leading The National Eye Research Foundation trying to deal with a man that was anything but predictable. Difficult but worthwhile negotiations were always the order of the day as we worked through issues large and small. I will never forget that twinkle in his eyes and the feeling that whatever we had just agreed to was somehow exactly what he had intended in the first place. Whether he was involved in negotiating lens sales at the yearly educational meetings of NERF in Las Vegas or lecturing all us on difficult fits or future innovative design challenges he was always involved and passionate.I will miss him greatly.

Cary M Herzberg O.D. FOAA