OAA Blog: The Corrected View

Much To Do About Everything

These have been jam packed weeks for me as the IAO and OAA president. Lots of phone conferences and e-mail exchanges with section leaders. In the last few weeks we have sit down and conference calls with Bausch & Lomb and Paragon Vision Sciences. These are a reflection of the excellent cooperation that now exists between us.This team work will be paying off for everyone as we develop our organization and produce the best educational meetings around the world.

I have also had productive phone calls and e-mail exchanges with our section leaders as we move closer to what will be a busy 2012. These excellent conversations with the section leadership keep your IAO abreast of all the happenings in Ortho-K around the world. At this moment Marino Formenti,President of the European Academy, with the help of Joan Perez,Antonio Calossi and Mauro Frisani are planning and setting the dates for their first education meeting this Spring. Soon the announcements will be made on date and place.

Asia Section IAO is filling the last of its board positions. We are finding that there are many fine candidates to choose from. We are fortunate to have great leadership from Bridgette Yeoh, Lu Fan and Pie-Ying Xie. One of the most exciting parts of my job is to hear about all the excitement that is being generated by IAO around the world and Asia Section is making great strides. Recently Bruce Williams was in Singapore to meet with our Singapore group. Stan Isaacs and Bridgette Yeoh have been with us from the beginning of the OAA and are supporters of the IAO. During their meeting attended by doctors from Malaysia they talked about creating their own organization that would be a part of Asia Section of IAO.

Gavin Boneham is the president of Orthokeratology Society of Oceania. I have been communicating with him and Jagrut Lallu,Celia Bloxsom and Kate Johnson concerning the IAO and Oceania. I am looking forward to my trip down under in July of next year and the approval of their membership to join IAO at their AGM meeting.

All of us involved in IAO realize the huge opportunity and benefits this organization will bring to practitioners around the globe. With IAO members will have an international group to champion their cause where ever they practice. Despite all the positive news we still face some resistance in some areas of the world. Considering where we have come from these concerns are small ripples in the IAO ocean.The IAO has succeeded beyond my expectations and our future is definitely bright.

Cary M Herzberg O.D. FOAA

Dr. Herzberg has been in practice for more then thirty years. He completed his Bachelor of Science Degree and his Doctor of Optometry Degree from Illinois College of Optometry in 1969 and 1971. Dr. Herzberg is a leader in the field of contact lenses . A member of the advisory board of RGPLI, design consultant to C and H and co-inventor of the macrolens "elite" and "ok" contact lenses. Dr. Herzberg is President of the Orthokeratology Academy of America, orthokeratology chair of the AOA Contact Lens Section, and an advisory board member of the PRIO corporation.